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SFATI - History and Meaning

SFATI  - Sa - Ta -Tee  - Simply stands for Supporting Film and Television Industries.

An Awareness Ribbon created for the Film and Television Industries. 

SFATI was founded in 2009 by Terry L. Harris.
It is a trademarked and copyrighted symbol, along with the entities of the word and what they stand for.

The symbol used for SFATI is a world recognizable symbol from the film industry. It is the clappers from the clapboard.

History of SFATI
SFATI was established to show how the film and television industries support the economy and compliments the other awareness ribbons. It is like an umbrella with SFATI being the top of the umbrella with the world and other awareness ribbons being sheltered beneath.

SFATI was not set up to be a cause or charity but to show how the industries help lend a voice to the ones that need the assistance of getting their message out. Film and Television has always been there and continues to grow and support whoever needs a stronger voice for their cause.

Supporting other Awareness Ribbons 
Without the film and television industries  the other awareness groups would not have as loud of a voice. Muscular Dystrophy was brought to light by Jerry Lewis. Michael J. Fox gives Parkinson Disease a wider understanding. All the other diseases - breast cancer; heart disease; and so many others, have been able to promote their awareness's through the use of the film and television industries. The industries has allowed those who work with in them to give of their time and money to the various organizations throughout the world. By lending their voices to champion causes it has given recognition to those Awareness groups enabling others to join in and participate.

SFATI and the Economy 
The film and television industries have always been a major factor in boosting the economy ever since their existence. People are employed by the industries. Literally thousands of people are employed by these industries in so many facets and jobs. The industries enlist so many businesses and vendors to provide for the films and TV. Local cities are given a boost when films are shot in their their areas. Housing, restaurants, local merchants, individual businesses and so many others benefit from the industries.

The film and television sectors of businesses have spawned so many other businesses and helped them not only exist but survive. Theaters have to be built. The goods to build these theaters come from other companies. Television sets are sold daily. There are manufactures of television sets and all the parts to them around the world. 

The Film and Television Industries have a trickledown effect on the economy helping so many people worldwide be employed. 

The Comforting Factor 
The Film and TV industries have been morale boosters from the time they came in to being. In the early 50's to present - families would all gather around the TV as a group. Films have been there through all the rough times of the world - wars, devastation and collapsing economies. Whenever things were not right in the world or just in their own little world, people have turned to films for comfort. For a short few hours films have provide time to forget about the rest of the world and enter into another world.

 'Show me the Pride' 
People within the industries - Actors - Producers - as well as people not in the business's are wearing SFATI pins and clothing to show their support. 

SFATI and its ribbon are a way of showing pride in industries that have helped and supported so many in so many different ways. It is also a 'thank you for being there when I needed you' - ribbon.

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